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500 units, the single-day shipment volume of the Lightning series fiber laser hit a new high

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500 units, the single-day shipment volume of the Lightning series fiber laser hit a new high

On October 17, the Lightning series fiber laser shipped more than 500 units on the same day, setting a new high for single-day shipments. Since the first new product of Lightning series was released in April this year, the Lightning series has sold nearly 10,000 units, covering 500W-12KW full-power products.


The Lightning series fiber laser has been in the market for less than half a year, and the single-day shipment exceeded 500. Such a proud achievement cannot be separated from the user's trust in BWT and the recognition of the product. This trust and recognition comes from --- Focus and professionalism.

Technology first, innovation and intelligent manufacturing


The fourth-generation pump source technology, the electro-optical efficiency of the whole machine is more than 40%, and the anti-aging ability is improved by more than 120%

BWT proposed the Dense Space Arrangement Theory (DSBC) earlier. Based on this theory (review here), we have developed the fourth-generation industrial pump technology with high power and high brightness.


In the era of pump source 4.0, high integration achieves ultra-small size

From single-chip pumping, multi-chip coupling, high-power polarization beam-combining pumping to today's highly integrated pumping, BWT is both a participant and an innovator.



High integration and drawer structure, saving space and easy installation

The pump source, optical path system, thermal control management and electrical control system are fully upgraded, which not only saves space, but also ensures the stable performance and reliable quality of the fiber laser.

Deep integration of intelligent technology and laser manufacturing technology


The communication interfaces such as Bluetooth and RS232 strongly support the centralized control and intelligent monitoring of the remote cloud platform, bringing higher integration and stronger intelligence to the complete set of laser equipment.

Multiple anti-high-reflection design, effectively eliminate more than 95% of the return light


Lightning series is designed with multiple anti-reflection structures to achieve stable processing of highly reflective materials.


Intimate service, Comprehensive after-sales service


We pursue the service concept of "As long as you have needs, I am there":


These 500 Lightning products flow to all parts of the world and will be delivered to users one after another. Thank you for the bridge that Lightning has built to connect you and me; I also thank you for choosing BWT and Lightning Series Fiber Laser to make the possibility of connection a reality. With this bridge, we will further explore the unknown, embrace more possibilities, and reach farther.



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