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Same day! BWT was certified by Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center and won industry awards

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Same day! BWT was certified by Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center and won industry awards

Innovation is an important quality of enterprise management and the core kinetic energy of enterprise development. Since mid-November, BWT's technological innovation capabilities have been recognized by the government and the industry one after another. According to the website of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as of November 14, BWT's "Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center" has been publicized and approved. On the same day, BWT won the "Veco Cup" OFweek2022 Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award.

Government Approved ·

"Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center" passed the announcement

As an important part of Tianjin's technological innovation system, the identification of Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center is organized once a year, and Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Tianjin Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and Municipal Finance Bureau are responsible for the relevant work. Enterprises applying for certification must meet many rigid conditions such as significant scale advantages and competitive advantages in the industry, high R&D investment, and strong innovative talent advantages.

Being able to pass the identification of "Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center" this time marks that BWT's technological innovation capability and industry leading demonstration role have been affirmed by the government. In fact, since the establishment of BWT, innovation has been written into the soul of development. After years of accumulation, BWT has established a research and development team with more than 100 people, with experts at home and abroad as the backbone and doctors and masters as the main force. It has multiple heavyweight scientific research and technology platforms such as "Beijing Enterprise Technology Center", "Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base" and "Postdoctoral Research Workstation".

Industry recognition · 12KW Lightning fiber laser won the award

On November 14th, the "Ofweek Cup·OFweek 2022 Laser Industry Annual Selection" hosted by the high-tech industry portal OFweek and undertaken by OFweek Laser was held in Shenzhen. After several months of intense selection by the industry expert group, Lightning The 12KW fiber laser conquered the jury with its excellent product performance and innovative design concept, and won the "Veco Cup" OFweek 2022 Annual Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award.

BWT won the "Veco Cup" OFweek2022 Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award

The Lightning series fiber laser is a new generation of family products that BWT adheres to the industrial design concept of "less is more" and follows the "three no's principle" through repeated iterations. The award-winning Lightning 12KW fiber laser is an outstanding represent. It is worth mentioning that in terms of product innovation, thanks to the new CTC integrated design technology, product redundancy space and the number of parts have been reduced, and the high integration and modularization of the whole machine has been realized. Compared with the previous generation The product is 75% smaller and 60% lighter.

As a 10,000-watt-level existence, cutting is the forte of Lightning's 12kW fiber laser. Generally speaking, the laser cutting section will form vertical lines, the shallower and more uniform the lines, the higher the finish and the higher the cutting quality. Supported by the fourth-generation pump source technology, multiple anti-high-reflection structure design and many other independent innovation technologies of BWT, the cutting surface of finished products cut by Lightning series fiber lasers is smooth and clean, which meets the needs of users for high-quality laser cutting.

All in all, the achievement is not only the recognition of BWT by the government, industry, and users, but also a higher spur for future development. On the road of technological innovation, BWT will continue to adhere to long-term, continue to iterate technological products with high standards, and continue to create value for users with high-quality and stable products.


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