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BWT laser technology, guarding people's "light of life"

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BWT laser technology, guarding people's "light of life"


At present, innovative technologies are constantly being applied to the health field. From 3D printed bones to 4D tumor imaging, from remote consultation to "space-based" surgery, 5G, AI and other technologies provide people with a "health shield". How is laser, which is also a cutting-edge technology, applied in the field of life sciences?


Recently, BWT launched a popular science live broadcast event and shared "Application of Red Semiconductor Lasers in Photodynamic Physiotherapy", unveiling the mystery of laser medical applications. As a special guest, Luo Xiaoying, the product manager of BWT, shared the content of photodynamic therapy, low-noise uniform beam and related lasers in the photoelectric micro-classroom. It was full of dry goods and showed the great charm of laser technology.

The era of photodynamic therapy has come


The live broadcast opened the door and pointed out that the application potential of semiconductor lasers in the medical and health field is being rapidly tapped, and photodynamic physiotherapy based on this application has begun to play an important role in the field of tumor treatment.


According to Luo Xiaoying, photodynamic therapy is based on the interaction of light, photosensitizers and oxygen, and selectively destroys diseased tissues through photodynamic reactions to achieve therapeutic purposes. It has become a treatment for tumors in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan conventional means.

"Compared with traditional therapy, photodynamic therapy has the advantages of high selectivity, definite curative effect, palliative treatment, good adaptability, minimal invasiveness, and low toxicity. It can protect the functions of important organs and can also cooperate with surgery to improve curative effect." For example, brain glioma, etc., using photodynamic therapy can eliminate hidden cancer lesions: there may be tiny cancer nests that are invisible to the naked eye outside the main lesion, and photodynamic therapy can be used to irradiate the surface to eliminate all potential small lesions, which can greatly improve Reduce the chance of tumor recurrence.

According to "The Current Situation and Trend of Cancer in China", among the eight major causes of death among urban residents in my country, cancer accounts for 27%; the number of cancer patients in my country ranks first in the world, and the 5-year survival rate is only 30.9%, which is higher than the global 17% average level. The compound annual growth rate of China's tumor medical service market is 12.1%, and it is expected to reach 536.1 billion yuan in 2022. In dealing with tumors, photodynamic physiotherapy is being rapidly applied as a new type of therapy, and it is expected to become a routine method of tumor treatment in my country in the future.


What is the promotion prospect of photodynamic physiotherapy in China? Luo Xiaoying mentioned three major factors, namely lasers, photosensitizers, and clinical cognition. At present, with the breakthrough and leadership of companies such as BWT in the field of semiconductor lasers, the photodynamic physiotherapy puzzle has completed a strong corner.

Defend people's life and health with laser

Protecting people's health is already a national strategy. It is also one of the goals that BWT is constantly pursuing to bring together cutting-edge technologies in the laser field to serve people's health.


Facing the life and health of the people, BWT has been deeply involved in the field of semiconductor lasers for 20 years, and has produced a number of important scientific and technological achievements, and has completed domestic substitution in many fields such as medical beauty, with fruitful results and obvious advantages.


"In the field of red light photodynamic physiotherapy lasers, BWT launched the MF platform, and created two types of bar fiber-coupled modules of 0.5-3W and 15W. For reliability and stability, BWT insulated the positive electrode from the shell, and has Rich interface functions, including human resistance, optical fiber plugging and unplugging sensing, indicator light and indicator light control, PD monitoring, etc. In addition, BWT also launched A5-CR, 15-pin and other products based on multi-single-tube coupling packages, which can also be used in lasers for photodynamic therapy. On this basis, theBWT 450-6xxnm wavelength semiconductor laser is mainly used in the field of photodynamic physiotherapy. With the development of blue light photosensitizer technology, BWT's various blue light lasers can be adapted to blue light photodynamic therapy.


More than that, BWT multi-wavelength lasers are also used in dental, medical beauty, fine processing and other health fields. Among them, 450nm and 808nm wavelength lasers are used in the field of dentistry. Up to now, almost the world's major dental medical equipment manufacturers still use the semiconductor lasers produced by BWT. In addition, 980nm and 1064nm wavelength lasers are used in the field of medical cosmetology, 1470nm can be used in vascular surgery, wrinkle removal, acne removal and other fields, femtosecond lasers can also be used in fine processing, such as heart stent processing and other fields, and can also be used in myopia Corrective surgery. In the field of health, BWT laser products are safeguarding people's life and health step by step.

3.5 billion years ago, the natural light on the earth provided energy and gave birth to primitive life. Today, lasers continue to play a huge role in the life sciences as a form of multi-wavelength light. In the future, BWT will continue to be user-oriented, stay true to its original intention, create extraordinary changes, and strive to become a "global laser solution leader" and continue to provide high-quality services for people's lives and health.


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