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BWT's first batch of Thunder 80kW "Cutting Master" landed in the Yangtze River Delta

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Recently, BWT successfully delivered the first batch of Thunder 80kW ultra-high-power fiber lasers to customers in Zhejiang, continuing to explore cost reduction potential and stimulate efficiency in the industry. Since the latter half of the preceding year, BWT's ultra-high-power lasers have made significant waves in the industrial landscape, bringing surging momentum to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.


▲ The Thunder 80kW ultra-high-power fiber laser

New upgrades, gaining market popularity

BWT boasts extensive technological expertise in the realm of high-power fiber lasers. Last September, BWT introduced the Thunder series fiber lasers to the industry, with power ranging from 12kW to 100kW, aiming to truly solve the processing challenges of medium-thick plates for users and eliminate the pain points of metal processing.

In just a few months, the Thunder 20kW-40kW products emerged as the predominant choice in applications, with the 60kW being shipped and customized products such as 80kW-100kW continuously garnering inquiries and orders. This trend strongly indicates that, within the macroeconomic context of national economic recovery and the push for transitioning from old to new energy sources, the prospects for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, as well as for medium-thick plate metal processing, are highly promising.


The success of the Thunder series in the market can be attributed to BWT's adoption of cutting-edge technologies, resulting in comprehensive breakthroughs in integration, power, brightness, and fiber delivery cables. Firstly, based on lightweight and high-brightness pumping source core technology, BWT has introduced the CTC chip integration technology, achieving remarkable integration. Secondly, the development of the high-brightness 6kW Thunder optical platform, coupled with power combining technology, has significantly increased the upper limit of power. Thirdly, during power combining, BWT maximizes the use of mode control technology, divergence angle compression technology, and high-order mode filtering technology, resulting in high-brightness laser output. Finally, the adoption of a smaller output core diameter of 75μm-100μm ensures a Raman Suppression Ratio ≥40dB, guaranteeing stable cutting of long fiber delivery cables.

With continuous technological innovation and performance enhancements, Thunder 80kW relies on the "three highs and one long" advantages — high integration, high power, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cables — emerging as an "powerful player" in the market, providing multi-material ultra-thick plate cutting in high-end manufacturing fields such as construction machinery, steel structures, shipbuilding, energy and power, and rail transportation.


Soaring speed & Surging efficiency

How does Thunder 80kW meet the needs of ultra-thick plate processing? Adhering to its consistent rigorous approach, BWT conducts strict testing and verification for each new product before its market introduction. Stringent controls are applied to ensure high standards in light output, stability, and cutting effects, meeting users' urgent demands for efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

Following cutting tests by BWT's process application department, Thunder 80kW, the "cutting master", exhibits enhanced cutting ability, achieving a qualitative leap in processing speed that rivals the industry's highest standards. Even in certain thickness ranges, efficiency surpasses expectations.

For instance, air cutting of 20mm stainless steel reaches a maximum speed of 13m/min, delivering swift and precise cutting results. Air cutting of 40mm stainless steel achieves a maximum speed of 4.5m/min, ensuring high production efficiency.

4▲The Thunder 80kW Cutting Samples Display

In comparison to the 30kW model, Thunder 80kW demonstrates significant advantages in air cutting above 30mm. In the case of air cutting 50mm-80mm stainless steel, the speed can be increased by more than 4 times.

Compared to the 40kW model, Thunder 80kW exhibits higher efficiency in cutting above 40mm. For air cutting of 50-80mm stainless steel, the speed can be increased by more than 2 times, while air cutting of 100mm stainless steel sees a speed increase of more than 3 times.

Even when faced with ultra-thick plate cutting, Thunder 80kW effortlessly achieves batch cutting of up to 160mm and takes on the challenge of extreme cutting of 200mm.


As the high-end manufacturing industry advances rapidly, a further surge in demand for high-power laser cutting technology is anticipated.

As a member of the ultra-high-power cutting market, BWT will leverage its 20 years of technological expertise to stay at the forefront of advanced processing technology. This commitment aims to provide a more efficient and high-quality processing experience for a diverse range of users, contributing to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.


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