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Hit the Ground Running with BWT's Thunder 100kW: Ignite Your Drive with a "YOLO" Spirit

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The Spring Festival blockbuster "YOLO" has been a huge hit! The film's protagonist, an overweight girl named Du Leying, faces a series of challenges head-on. Through boxing and pursuing her dreams, she embarks on a journey that transforms her life, igniting the audience's passion.

What does "YOLO" signify? It embodies giving your all — 100%, with all guns blazing! This spirit of unwavering belief, breaking free from constraints, and the courage to chase dreams mirrors the ethos of BWT in the present day.

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Pushing Boundaries, Championing Efficiency

BWT, in collaboration with Jiatai Laser and Bochu Electronic, recently unveiled the world's first Thunder series 100kW ultra-high-power cutting equipment. This innovation has garnered significant attention from mainstream media and industry leaders. Facing the challenge of processing ultra-thick materials, BWT has stepped up, breaking new ground with the Thunder series fiber lasers, and overcoming the barriers to ultra-thick material processing.

The Thunder 100kW product redefines the boundaries of what's possible, fearlessly tackling complex scenarios and thick materials. It overpowers thick materials with its ultra-high power, and crushes costs with its speed, significantly enhancing laser processing efficiency and showcasing superior processing capabilities.


Similar to the film's heroine, who dedicates herself to boxing and relentlessly challenges herself to improve her physique and boxing skills, the Thunder 100kW product has undergone a comparable journey of development and refinement.

Closely aligned with user needs and having undergone countless tests and iterations, the Thunder series products exhibit features of high integration, high power, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable. This represents a significant upgrade in size and weight, processing capability, cutting quality, and operational range.


Conquering Thick Plates with High-Speed Cutting

A series of videos demonstrate the Thunder 100kW product's capability in cutting stainless steel of various thicknesses, showcasing its exceptional performance in thick material processing.

With air cutting, the Thunder 100kW slices through 50mm stainless steel at an astonishing speed of 4.2m/min, effortlessly handling medium to thick materials.


The Thunder 100kW's air cutting technique can go through 80mm stainless steel at a speed of 1.8m/min.


Facing even thicker plates, the Thunder 100kW cuts 100mm stainless steel at a speed of 1m/min, showcasing its fearlessness against thick materials.


It even processes 200mm stainless steel with ease, achieving a cutting speed of 0.35m/min, demonstrating its exceptional capability.


Traditionally, sectors like construction machinery, steel structures, shipbuilding, energy, and rail transportation have relied on plasma and flame cutting. Now, BWT's Thunder 100kW product offers a superior laser cutting solution for ultra-thick plates, potentially revolutionizing traditional processes in these fields.

Industry experts agree that the Thunder 100kW product is a game-changer, marking the dawn of a new era in ultra-high power thick plate cutting.


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