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National Authority Certification! BWT Launches the World's First Thunder 120kW Industrial-Grade Fiber Laser

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On March 7, 2024, under the authoritative certification of China National Laser Products Quality Inspection Test Center, BWT unveiled the world's first Thunder 120kW industrial-grade fiber laser, empowering high-end manufacturing for ultra-thick plate processing and leading a new era of global high-power laser industrial applications.


In the field of fiber lasers, BWT continues to innovate, break through limits, and constantly refresh the power limits of lasers, propelling the laser industry towards higher standards. As another major new product of this year, the Thunder 120kW fiber laser possesses advanced processing capabilities, superior beam quality, and stable performance, marking another significant milestone in China's laser industry.


Certified by China National Laser Products Quality Inspection Test Center


Before the official launch of BWT's Thunder 120kW product, the Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China National Laser Products Quality Inspection Test Center conducted comprehensive and rigorous testing on the product. They utilized advanced testing equipment and professional technical methods to precisely measure and evaluate key indicators such as output power, peak wavelength, and beam quality. The assessment concluded that the output power is ≥120kW (tested directly at full power), the peak wavelength is 1080.429nm, and M²=23.77@200μm.


Certified by China National Laser Products Quality Inspection Test Center


At present, according to international or domestic reports, the fiber core diameter of products in the 100-120kW power range is 300-400μm. BWT has solved issues such as high-power core component temperature tolerance and high-brightness laser nonlinearity, ultimately achieving a core diameter of 200μm and 120kW output, while also supporting a cable length ≥30m.


These data fully demonstrate that the Thunder 120kW product has excellent comprehensive performance, stable wavelength, superior beam quality, and can achieve full-load output, effectively ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of laser processing applications.


Breakthroughs in Core Technology, Pioneering a New Era


In today's high-power laser market, stable processing, efficient cutting, and cost-effectiveness are the primary considerations for users when selecting laser cutting products. BWT's Thunder 120kW fiber laser, with independent intellectual property rights, features four major characteristics: high integration, high power, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable. With its key technologies and outstanding performance, it heralds the arrival of a new era.


1. Self-developed next-generation optical platform for stable output of high-quality beams

The Thunder 120kW product adopts the company's self-developed next-generation optical platform and fully utilizes mode control technology, divergence angle compression technology, and high-order mode filtering technology on the power combiner to achieve high-brightness laser output. This innovation results in a small divergence angle, high spot energy density, and excellent beam quality, significantly improving the cutting speed and production efficiency of medium-thick plates, creating greater value for users, and setting a new benchmark for the entire laser processing industry.


2. Revolutionary adoption of CTC integration technology, illuminating the future of domestic laser devices

CTC chip integration is the unique core technology of the Thunder series fiber lasers. It seamlessly integrates the chip, heat sink structure, pumping module, and laser, completely abandoning the traditional split design, simplifying the production process, and realizing the integrated upgrade from traditional chips to pump sources and then to laser cooler plates.


This technology greatly improves fiber coupling efficiency and pumping power, achieves unprecedented breakthroughs in heat dissipation, and provides strong guarantees for the high integration, high power, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable of the Thunder series fiber lasers, guiding the future development of domestic fiber lasers towards high integration and intelligence.


3. Femtosecond grating inscription technology ensures pure spectrum and stable cutting

The Thunder 120kW product utilizes femtosecond laser grating inscription to control the spectrum linewidth and SRS spectrum filtering of the output laser, achieving a pure spectrum with Raman suppression ratio ≥30dB@200um-30m, thereby achieving stable cutting. Femtosecond laser grating inscription technology simplifies the processing technology, improves flexibility, reduces losses, and enhances spectral quality.


Fast and stable cutting effects to replace traditional methods


As China's traditional manufacturing rapidly transitions to the mid-to-high end, traditional processes such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, and high-pressure water cutting are no longer able to meet the urgent requirements of modern industry for efficiency and environmental protection, making laser cutting technology just-in-time.


The introduction of BWT's Thunder series products not only represents a revolution in cutting technology but also poses a powerful challenge to traditional high-pollution, high-energy consumption processes. The Thunder 120kW product, through high-speed air cutting technology, will further break through the barriers of ultra-thick plate processing, effortlessly addressing processing of 300mm and above ultra-thick plates; its speed is several times faster than traditional processes, significantly reducing cutting time, improving production efficiency, and providing better cutting quality. Especially in the processing of medium-thick plate carbon steel and stainless steel, the energy consumption for cutting is lower, potentially replacing expensive nitrogen, argon cutting processes, and slower oxygen cutting. These advantages will lead the industry towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly direction.


The launch of the Thunder 120kW ultra-high power fiber laser injects new vitality into the entire industry. BWT will work with industry peers to jointly usher in a new era of global high-power industrial lasers.


(Stay tuned for the Thunder 120kW cutting video!)


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