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Fiber coupled diode laser

BWT has design, development and manufacturing experiences of nearly 20 years in the field of fiber coupling diode lasers. Such diode lasers can be widely applied to numerous fields, such as fiber laser pump source, solid laser pump source, industrial processing, cosmetic plastic surgery, night vision lighting, testing and scientific research. The optical output diode laser as based on multi-coupling technical schemes and thermal control can satisfy users’ special requirements for power, brightness, wavelength control and power-weight ratio. The product covers a wavelength of 405nm~1064nm, and is provided with wide optional power range.

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Bar stacked diode laser

As to bar stacked array products, BWT has introduced world advanced core technical team from Germany, and has input advanced auto production equipments in addition to a production team featuring in exquisite techniques and quick response. We are capable of providing clients with high-standard customized products and quick quantitative manufacturing services. So far, BWT has provided bar stacked array products for clients both in China and abroad. Such products are widely applied to numerous fields, such as scientific research, industrial sector and medical treatment.
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Diode laser subsystem

Based on industrial accumulation for years, BWT has provided clients with customized solutions for laser systems. Diode laser subsystem is available for option within the wavelength of 450nm-1550nm and customization within the power range of 2mW-300W. The flexibly customized system solutions feature in high integration and easy operation. Users can realize display of power, current, temperature, pulse, frequency and so on via the LCD panel. Moreover, this can realize panel regulations or application of products to such fields as scientific research and system integration via RS232 serial port remote control.

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Diode laser accessories

Printing application has a higher requirements for volume of laser and fiber coupled output brightness. Based on its optical design experiences accumulated through years, BWT has realize efficient laser fiber coupling in the compact structure. In combination with well established packaging technologies and mass production capacity, this can effectively ensure the conformance and long-term reliability of products, and satisfy market demands.

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